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why book caspar as a speaker and trainer?

I think booking a speaker must be very difficult. In the last few years a large number of really talented people with very interesting backgrounds have become speakers and trainers and while on the one hand this means you’re spoilt for choice, on the other hand it means making a difficult “decision”.

While I would love to be right for every job, obviously that can’t be, and you know more about your audience than I do which is why I have tried to create website here that empowers you to make that decision. So when booking a speaker and trainer – why book Caspar Berry?

So what are my strengths? I think I am a great speaker at the beginning or the end of any day. I talk about the decisions that people make and therefore I motivate people to consider new and different approaches to achieving their objectives and goals. This means that I inspire people to be open minded to the content of the day when I open it, or to act on what they have heard when I close it.

I am also always dedicated to complete client satisfaction. It is my privilege to see a group of people intellectually stimulated, emotionally lifted and practically transformed at the end of a day. Were this not to be the case, it would give me no pleasure at all to receive my fee.

For this reason, I offer a 100% money back guarantee to all clients who wish to have this peace of mind. This is obviously a substantial guarantee of satisfaction and therefore, in order that both parties are completely aware of the terms, I would ask that if you wish to engage me as a speaker and trainer on this basis you first download the “why book Caspar Berry” PDF and inform me at the booking stage.

Fortunately I’ve never been asked to make this refund to date but it’s a genuine offer and gives you a guarantee of my commitment to delivering excellence as both a speaker and trainer.

Overall, I am a speaker and trainer who thrives on working with people who want to learn but want to have some fun while they’re doing do. Fun and humour are very important to me as a speaker and trainer and I love the energy in a room that regular big laughs create.

So if you want a speech or a training day that is energetic and funny but thought provoking enough to really challenge and change the way your people do business then give me a shout now and let’s start a conversation.