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It has become clear to me that booking a keynote speaker or trainer for your conference or offsite day is difficult. A great speech or seminar can be absolutely priceless in terms of the value it delivers, however, you will often be in the position of having to book someone without having met them and the consequences of getting it wrong can be catastrophic.

For this reason, I have created a website which, I hope, allows you to virtually meet me, Caspar Berry, here, online. On the pages that follow, I explain to you my life story, passions and beliefs with the aim of answering the question: Who is Caspar Berry?

Like most keynote and motivational speakers, I did not intend or plan to be in this line of work by the middle of my life. Most of us fall into it because we find ourselves being asked to speak about the quirky or interesting thing that we do. In my case, obviously that was playing poker.

I actually did my very first speech on this subject in 2003 to an audience of people and was asked to do it again and again and it just developed from there. Who could possibly have guessed when I sat down to play my first game of poker in the summer of 1999 that it would go on to form the bedrock of my career many years later?

In the following pages I describe, in an interview format, what brought me to speaking, under “speaking and training” I describe the relevance of poker to risk taking and decision making in business and finally, under “Why Book Caspar” I give the qualities that I think differentiate me from the multitudes as a speaker.

Ultimately I am empowering you to decide whether I am the right person for your event. Obviously I hope I am but the point of this approach is that I have never felt that I am the right speaker for everyone or every event. There are a number of great speakers out there, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

I think my great strength is that I will make people think. I will open their minds to the power of new ideas and the value of taking risks and seizing opportunities. I will talk about how to increase their return on all the investments in their lives and how to do more with less but I will not spoon feed them with all the answers for their specific situation.

Rather, I will stimulate them to proactively come up with these answers themselves after learning about how they make decisions and plan their time and how they can do it better. I’ll give them the tools but I will not create their rules. That’s where they must step up for themselves.