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As a keynote speaker, the most important thing is that I deliver every time. Almost everyone has bad days but a keynote speaker simply can’t. We get one hour or so to deliver and you have to know that we’re going to do that every time.

When I point this out, it sounds a bit pretentious but I do think that a keynote speaker is a bit like an athlete. An athlete with a pretty high BMI and cholesterol, admittedly. The main similarity is that 99% of our job is preparation so that we can execute perfectly when called upon to do so. From the moment we sit down to write the presentation, through rehearsal, to getting a good sleep the night before, everything should be focussed on the moment of presentation.

You can see examples of me speaking on my video page but here you can find feedback and testimonials from my past clients. I’ve divided them up by category including my delegate feedback, the learning and development that my sessions offer and my work as an after dinner speaker.

“I thought the session was excellent.” Karl Trumper, Sales and Service Director, Barclays plc

“Brilliant, intelligent messages delivered with passion and knowledge. The best talk from an outside keynote speaker I have ever seen.” Jonathan Walsh, Corporate Marketing and Communication Director, Nestle

“Every time I see Caspar in action I get more and more impressed. He talks with such conviction, experience and humour that it’s a real pleasure to be in his company.” John Inverdale, Broadcaster, BBC

“Caspar is an inspirational keynote speaker but does it with content and delivery that captures the imagination and challenges the audience to really think in a different way.” Sian Doyle, Director of Retail, Orange“A genuinely staggering session” Graham Bowland, Managing Director, Surgical Innovations

“A really fun and relevant afternoon which looks at business in a very different way. Caspar, your session was fantastic and the highlight of the day. Well done. The PayPal team is still talking about it”. Geoff Iddison, CEO, PayPal