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While I have fewer SME clients than large corporates, my SME training actually takes up nearly as much of my time. Training teams in SMEs is actually some of the most important and meaningful work that I do. Take Digital Spark for example. Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, Digital Spark, have doubled in size in the 10 months that I have been working with them. While I would love to take the credit for this, this is obviously due to their exceptional management, vision, world-class innovative products and amazing team.

My role in their astonishing growth is to work with that team every quarter and address concerns that are pressing at that time. Naturally this focuses on the decisions that they are taking on a daily basis but decision-making is a phenomenally broad subject area. It can be a top-down perspective of their strategic objectives and the effectiveness of their resource allocation to achieve them. Or it can be a bottom-up look at the way in which individuals are managing their time on a day-to-day basis.

My SME training work goes way beyond the realm of decision making however and extends into all areas of their personal and economic development including future thinking, adaptation and change. I draw on my work with the Mind Gym – for whom I worked for over three years as a trainer across all their different subject areas including delegation and communication – in order to give them as broad a platform as possible as they face the challenges of change. I’m even working with the management on their presentational style to help them with their critical pitches.

All my SME training courses are priced according to the size of the group so that the cost per head is kept to a reasonable level throughout the process, so for a quotation for your team, please contact me now.

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