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Decision Making and Risk Training


I have been delivering decision making and risk training around the world for great clients since 2003. Risk training is not just about risk per se but brings together risk analysis, decision making science, psychology and behavioural economics.

Using poker as the recurring metaphor but focussed on business at all times, the session seeks to uncover what drives us, how we decide anything and how we can change. It is about goal setting, strategic planning, resource allocation, innovation, doing more with less and motivating others to achieve overall objectives.

Ultimately, the only point of embracing any kind of risk in business is to make a return on investment. All investment involves risk and therefore risk becomes a necessary component of any business – even those that feel very averse to it.

The point is that once you accept that you’re taking risk, you’re then left with two questions which most teams don’t really want to face: are we taking the right amount? And do we really understand the subject of risk well enough to even answer that question?

My job is to help you answer that question within yourselves by giving you training in risk and decision making theory and practice.

A good definition of the difference between a speaker and trainer is that a trainer gives you tools and a speaker gives you the desire to use them. Consequently, this session goes much deeper into the theory of risk: what it is, how to think about it and how to manage it in all areas of the business process.

A little maths is not a bad thing in a really rigorous risk training but my aim at all times is to carry people from all levels of an organisation on a journey which reveals how to think about this complex but vitally important subject.

Decision making and risk training makes a team more confident, better able to converse and more respectful of each other’s different risk profiles. They are also more focussed on how to allocate resources to drive value in future.

Please note that I teach how to think about risk at an enterprise and management level. This is not a course in operational, practical risk minimisation and mitigation. For such courses please check out courses at the Institue of Risk Management, Risktec Training, risk audit and Chase Cooper.