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Positivity & Proactivity Training


Proactivity training is something that, let’s face it, we could all do with from time to time. Positivity and proactivity are qualities that we always want to see in others but often fail to show in ourselves.My own form of proactivity training focuses on individual responsibility and uses Dr Stephen Covey’s seminal Circles of Influence to move people to a place of appreciation for what really is within their control. This proactivity training session is actually the seminar form of my speech on luck, which I define as essentially that which is out of our control.

A number of trainers and speakers confuse luck with success and say that if you work harder or concentrate more or concentrate less you’ll be luckier. But that’s not true; these things won’t make you more likely to win at roulette or to less likely to have rain on your wedding day!

The fact is that luck is the very name we give to the things that our outside our control. The secret of APPARENTLY lucky people is actually a) to be grateful for all the things they can choose and decide in life, b) to do everything they CAN DO to control as much as possible and c) once they have done all that, to gracefully accept that which is simply uncontrollable.

Gratitude, proactivity and acceptance are not just the keys to a productive happy team, they are also crucial for success in poker where the difference between that which is within and without our control is usually more obvious than it is in life.

For in poker, no matter how skillful or experienced you are, you can never control the cards. And every ounce of effort we put into complaining about them is effort and energy wasted.

As with all decisions, however, while there is a great deal that we cannot control, the one thing we can always control is our RESPONSE to what happens to us. Drawing on the work of Victor Frankl , this is what Dr Stephen Covey insightfully called our RESPONSE-ABILITY and it is this that lies at the heart of effective proactivity training.

Moving people from a state of powerlessness and hopelessness in the face of a poor economy to a state of positivity and can-do is as simple as showing them what is actually within their circle of influence and how to accept that which is not.

Proactivity training thus goes hand in glove with poker for a day of training and team-building that they won’t forget.