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Effective motivation and persuasion techniques are crucial in business today. From motivating our sales team to effectively persuading customers and clients to buy and act in a certain way… their importance can barely be overstated.

Originally, I was asked to speak – as a motivational speaker – about the way we motivate ourselves as individuals. Increasingly, however, I am being asked to speak at conferences to sales and management teams about the way we use these very same skills in the motivation and persuasion of others. So this speech is about why we do what we do, but specifically aimed at people who have to motivate and influence others.

The fact is that people are irrational. That’s not news, we’ve kind of known that for a long time. But the precise ways in which we are irrational are not just surprising, they are often quite mind blowing in their implications:

The addition of mints or mint chocolates to the bill in a restaurant increases the size of the tip by more than 10%. Canned laughter on a comedy makes us all more inclined to laugh. People are much much more confident of an election candidate’s chances of winning after voting for them than beforehand…

Another example of just how irrational people can be is that people have much less idea of how much something should actually cost than we previously thought! Consequently,  they are prepared to pay much much more for something than traditional laws of supply and demand would otherwise dictate.

What does this mean? Well the old laws of negotiation are not to be the first person to name a price. But the new laws of motivation and persuasion are turning all that on its head. Better to name a price that defines the value of the product than allow the other party to establish the anchor at a lower level from which you then have to work up!

Once you understand HOW and WHY someone is making their decisions, it becomes so much easier – in both poker and business – to influence them to make different ones!

My speeches on motivation and persuasion are suitable for anyone who has to motivate others, from leaders to sales people. It allows insight into powerful persuasion techniques and also creates a rousing beginning and end to a day. Works in 30/45/60 minute forms.