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Caspar Berry – Motivational Speaker Video

As I hope you can see, I love my job as a motivational speaker.

This speech – like all my speeches – was created and delivered to a very strict brief by my client. It had to run to 40 minutes, talk about the uncertainty of the current economic landscape and use poker as the metaphor to communicate need to seize opportunities and take more risks.

Obviously I will create and structure your presentation to your brief so that it is right for you, your audience and the message you wish to convey to them.

This particular speech is a hybrid of a couple within my overall body of work, primarily my main speech on risk taking and decision making and my speech on uncertainty – which forms the basis of much of the first 15 minutes. Hopefully, though, it gives you a good idea of the way in which I use powerpoint, pace and humour to entertain, and intellectually stimulate as well as motivate.

I believe that the art of the motivational speaker is to communicate the key points in a way which is enjoyable but challenging and thought provoking at the same time. Style, substance and structure should work in harmony for that audience on that day!

As I say elsewhere on this site, a video is no substitution for seeing a motivational speaker in the flesh. I know there is something missing from my work when it’s on video, as I am sure there is for all speakers.

Hopefully, though, you get a pretty full sense of my overall style from this video. You can see that I am genuinely a motivational speaker in the sense that the first person I motivate is myself. I am passionate about my key message – that in order to work as efficiently and productively as possible in all areas of our lives we need to be prepared to take risks.

In this sense, while there are all sorts of negative connotations with the term motivational speaker, I have to accept that I am one because I am actually talking about the process of motivation itself.

As I say at the beginning of the video, my interest lies in the subject of why we take the decisions that we take.. of why we actually do what we do. Everyone is different and everyone will have a different answer for that question but ultimately, just asking it can get us thinking and maybe even doing things differently as a result.