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Motivational Keynote Speaking


Motivational keynote speaking is about many things: A motivational speech needs to do more than just motivate! A keynote speech needs to do more than just inform.

In some ways the two – motivational and keynote speaking – are very different. The former is an appeal to the emotions. The latter is an education of the mind. In other ways, however, motivational and keynote speaking are much more similar than people think.

I was fortunate enough to begin my speaking career as a trainer for The Mind Gym for whom I delivered over 400 sessions to senior teams over three years. Using their engaging approach as my touchstone, I have created a number of different speeches and sessions covering a wide variety of topics each with the intention of educating, engaging, amusing, provoking, challenging and, when appropriate, changing people.

In this sense I think there is such a thing as motivational keynote speaking – educational speeches that emote and emotional speeches that inform. I’ve spoken to some of the most senior audiences in the world including presidents of multinational companies who still appreciate the power of a great story or a funny photo.

Likewise, I’ve spoken to jovial audiences after dinner who were grateful to be told new things and introduced to the underlying subtlelties of a poker game. In this film I outline what I think are the five qualities of a great motivational keynote speech, including humour and an inspirational climax that makes the audience go out and want to do things differently as a result.On the pages that follow I outline my 8 main motivational keynote speaking topics. Each speech detailed here can be delivered as a 30 minute “after dinner”, a 60/90 minute “keynote” or anything in between.

Each speech is perfectly complemented by my range of seminars and training sessions for groups who want something more interactive and practical for their offsite or training day, because while it’s important to be a motivational keynote speaker, it’s just as important to be an active listener and challenging facilitator.

I know there’s a lot of information here but please feel free to watch as many of the videos as you want, or, better still drop me a line as soon as possible. There’s no substitute for a two way conversation.