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Obviously you can’t be a motivational speaker if you don’t actually motivate people. There is a lot of debate about this in the “motivational speaker” world. There’s the old joke about how many motivational speakers it takes to change a lightbulb. Answer? One. But the lightbulb has to WANT to change. Can you help people to change or do anything if they don’t actually want to?

Like everything in life, I think the answer is complicated. If someone doesn’t want to do something, they won’t do it, no matter how much motivation you can give them. To my mind, though, while a good trainer gives people the tools or skills they need to make a change, a good motivational speaker CAN give them the desire to use them. How? Well there are a number of ways of doing it but broadly speaking a motivational speaker’s job is to show people something new. If you can expose people to a new way of looking at the same old things I think you can give people the motivation to think and behave differently as I think the quotations below go some way to proving.

“Caspar is charismatic, intellectually stimulating and grounded. This mix of capabilities leads to employee engagement, motivation and lasting organisational change.” Michael Williams, Learning & Development Manager, Shaw Trust

“Caspar is individual, charismatic, energetic – doesn’t need to try at being bright – he just is! He has a real presence, he makes you want to learn and listen.” Guy Hayward, CEO, Goodman Masson

“Caspar ran an excellent evening on Tues. The feedback from the team was excellent both on the presentation and the poker competition afterwards. It generated lots of interesting conversations around this in the office afterwards.” Jeremy Morris, Head of Direct Marketing, Orange

“Verbal feedback was that Caspar was exceptional and his delivery and approach professional, slick, refreshing and novel. He was frankly superb, and held the audience captivated for the whole hour.” Mike Barraclough, Risk Manager, QBE Insurance

“Caspar makes you think and laugh, feel and create, and, most importantly work out how you’ll apply what you’ve learned to your own life.” Bill Lucas, Chairman, Talent Foundation

“Caspar is excellent. A pure professional, his knowledge of the mechanics of great decision-making is amazing. He doesn’t teach you about poker, so much as he teaches you about yourself. He takes you through to a higher platform of work and play.” Robert Allan, Online Marketing Director,