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Management training constitues about 30-40% of my work at the moment. And while I love keynote speaking, the much longer management training sessions can, in many ways, be more rewarding. They can and should create lasting change within a team and the individuals within it, something that gives me – and any trainer – a real passion for our work.These sessions tend to focus on smaller, more senior teams – although they can be for anything up to 150 people – and last for anything from 90 minutes up to a whole day, though often around the half day mark. Such sessions are for groups of managers and leaders who want to make the theory real and practical to them and their team. As with my speeches, management training seminars can be tailored to suit individual groups and address their very specific needs – from decision making to innovation techniques to dealing with change

While I have a couple of companies that I work with repeatedly as a facilitator, I am usually brought in as a module of a much longer programme. To this end I work with a number of great management training companies whom I would strongly recommend to put a whole programme together for you and your team.

My main client for management training is Ashridge Business School for whom I have delivered over 50 sessions in the last 8 years for a variety of end clients. I have also contributed to programmes at London Business School and Roffey Park and The Work Foundation, all of which are world-class in their field.In addition to these institutions, I also very much enjoy the contributions I have made to client programmes for smaller organisations and consultants. People such as Ian Lawson , Sylvia Baumgartner, and Peter Knight, as well as organisations like Vistage, The Academy for Chief Executives and Elite Leaders – which are highly regarded for what they do.

The fact is that before I was a speaker, I was a trainer for a great training company called The Mind Gym. I worked for the Mind Gym over 3 years, delivering over 400 sessions for great companies like Virgin, The Guardian and UBS in the process.

As I always say, it didn’t really teach me much about speaking, but it certainly taught me how to listen. And that, I believe, is the key to great training: listening to what participants are saying and helping them to have better conversations as a result.