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Speech on Luck


My speech on luck asks what exactly is luck and is 2013 going to be a lucky or unlucky year for you and your organisation? As a professional poker player, you need to understand what luck is otherwise you’ll go insane. But there cannot be many things in our life that we understand less! Which is crazy when you think about it, especially when luck is going to dictate a greater part of the quality of our lives in the short term.

Anyone reading that and dismissing it needs to give careful thought to how easily they could have been born into a part of the world where the vast majority of the population can only dream of our freedoms, our comforts and our academic and professional opportunities.

Some people say “you make your own luck” but by this reasoning has the disabled child made their “bad luck”? How about the war widow or the cancer patient who never smoked or drank a drop?

Actually understanding what luck is and how it works creates a powerful and effective message with profound implications for how we approach life and how lucky we feel in our lives. This is why I wrote my speech on luck.

Referencing a very broad range of subject areas – from the lottery to the holocaust – this speech on luck motivates people to change the focus of their thinking away from that which is disempowering towards that which is positive, proactive and powerful. Why? Because luck – when you think about it – is simply that which you cannot control.The weather on your wedding day; the turn of a card; the price of oil; overall GDP and consumer demand. These are things we can’t do much about so there’s no point moaning about them!

Effective people – as Dr Covey tells us in his incredible “The Seven Habits of highly Effective People” – begins with the habit of being proactive: that is focussing on what we can control. This is really what people mean by “making their own luck”. You can’t really make your luck when luck itself is that which you cannot control, but you can choose your response to luck and give the illusion of being lucky simply by being resolute, disciplined and creative.

This speech on luck is suitable For: Large teams of people of any level in any organisation who need rousing and lifting in difficult times. Works in 30/45/60 minute and longer seminar format.