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The learning and development that I offer to my clients is an incredibly important component of any speech or training session. People’s time is valuable and generally the whole point of bringing them together for a conference or an off-site is to develop them in some way. The learning and development that they take from the sessions is, of course, personal to them and part of the richness of my sessions is that each person takes something different.

To this end, the following quotations attest to the learning and development value of my sessions to individual clients. I believe that they evidence the fact that I can speak to highly experienced risk managers – such as John Paskin – and people for whom thinking about risk may be a relative rare part of their routine, such as Sarah Crooke.

“An extraordinarily powerful message for leaders. It’s credible, relevant and demands immediate attention.” Mike Wilsher, Managing Director, The Executive Foundation

“Made me realise what has stopped me developing my own potential. A ‘light bulb’ experience!” Sarah Crookes, Business Manager, Nottingham Community Housing Association

“Caspar’s presentation achieved exactly what I wanted, which was to make my team face the reality that they will inevitably fail more often than they succeed. Overcoming that fear of failure will, I am sure, encourage them all to stretch themselves that little bit further”. Neil Yule, Sales Director, Flaktwoods

“I loved that Caspar made me think in a different way. He was not the normal motivational speaker.”Orange Area Manager

“I believe that you make people think, and that is a brilliant skill.” Lawrence Watson, Head of Sales & Marketing, Rank Hovis

“I have retained and understood far more about risk management from Caspar than from any other presentation or training session I have attended.” John Paskin, Former Head of Programmes, BP Integration Supply & Trading

“Caspar brought new insight to an audience of experienced risk managers and auditors.” Bryan Dennis, National School of Government

“Caspar’s interesting and lively style allowed managers to start to think about “when we can and cannot take risk” to deliver better outcomes. Staff felt this had been one of the most successful Leadership days we have had.” Richard Cresswell, Regional Director, Environment Agency