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The world is awash with leadership training. Everyone has their own 3/7/64 habits and qualities of great leaders… it’s difficult to know whom to subscribe to!

I think the fact is that no subject as individual as leadership can be reduced to any number of finite habits, no matter how big or small. It’s always going to be a personal thing. Some of the greatest leaders led with an iron hand, others with the velvet glove. Increasingly it’s also a fluid concept with traits that may have been advantageous in the 1940s looking increasingly anachronistic now.

Ultimately then, all that any leadership training can do is to view such a complex subject through its own unique lens and try and draw out that which will make the delegate or listener better by their own criteria. Indeed all that any training of any kind can ultimately do is try and make someone better at whatever it is that they’re training in.

As I define it then, great leadership is about courage. Great leaders are brave in the decisions that they make. They take a lead; they make a stand and are even prepared to sacrifice themselves for the good of the group and what is right.

This speech looks at what courage and bravery are and uses material like the 7/7 testimonies (that is the extraordinary selflessness of a few random, normal people caught up in a disaster) to ask whether we all have courage within us and whether leadership is the product of circumstance or birth.It draws on cutting-edge research in psychology and neurology and asks to what extent we’re prisoners of our own genetics and chemistry and to what extent we shape our own destiny. Like all of my speeches and training sessions, my approach to leadership training is that it should focus on success in the long term and give practical methods for balancing this with short term demands.Like all the best group work, the best leadership training should act in an emotional and rational way on the audience, giving them both the tools for success but also the desire to use them. Even senior people need emotional and energy boosts, especially if the rest of your agenda is process- and technically-minded.

Suitable For: Groups of leaders who want to be challenged, stimulated and moved to leave their comfort zone. Works in 30/45/60 minute forms.