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The following links will take you to videos of me speaking in a variety of different contexts:as a keynote speaker; at a conference; and in a couple of TV studios. It includes some videos made especially for this website and three excerpts taken from a job I did for Castrol in which I presented in a studio in the UK and simulcasted to Malaysia where the conference was being held.

Keynote speaker videos are surprisingly limited in what they tell you about the speaker. I have seen great speakers with lousy videos (and vice versa) and there really is no substitution for seeing someone in the flesh. But the world in which we live is becoming increasingly video oriented and, since you can rarely spare the time to see a keynote speaker before making your decision, keynote speaker videos are definitely the next best thing.

The following keynote speaker videos are arranged quite simply with all the videos from this website on the right hand side and all the videos of me as a keynote speaker in the different contexts on the left hand side. There are very few keynote speaker videos on the web with complete presentations of more than 20 minutes or so as it is regarded as dangerous to show complete presentations of this length. My personal opinion, however, is that I want you to see these examples of my work and I look forward to discussing them with you.