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Judgement and Intuition


Judgement and intuition are obviously partly the products of time, for which there is no substitute. But all learning can be accelerated and understanding exactly what judgement and intuition are is the first step to perfecting their use.

So what exactly are intuition and judgement? We use the terms a lot without actually thinking about what they mean.Watching the film above will go some of the way to explaining the answer to that big question. Our judgements are the basis of the decisions that we make. “I trust this person”, for example, is a judgement based on your experience of them. Upon the basis of such a judgement you might make a decision to invest time or energy or money into your relationship with them.

But where exactly did that judgement come from? Clearly it wasn’t random. But neither was it necessarily something that you can describe exactly. It might just be something of a feeling that you have after four years of knowing them, or even – be honest – just four minutes!

This is where intuition comes in. For judgements – the basis of our investment calculations - are rarely just the products of our conscious minds.

More often, they are the product of the sum total of our experience, much of which we can’t remember exactly.

Very often – whisper it quietly – we have feelings upon which we base crucial decisions. But there is nothing wrong with this. Indeed, I like to show people the power of their intuition and the value in trusting and acting on it once it has been educated and challenged.

The key is to understand when judgement and intuition should be trusted. And when it’s wiser to check and challenge them carely and consciously before making a final decision.

This presentation on judgement and intuition is suitable for decision makers and those who want to be both intellectually stimulated and moved to change. Crucially, like all my speeches, it shows us how we can make better decisions in the future, through anecdote and fact.

It is perfect for the body of any day’s agenda in which people are thinking about why they do what they do and how they can do it better. Works in 30/45/60 minute forms.