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Innovation & Creativity Training


My innovation and creativity training session perfectly complements my speech of the same name. After a speech which relates innovation theories to resource allocation and ROI, this creativity training session is fun, energising, HIGHLY interactive and incredibly useful.

It sounds corny, but practically any obstacle that we encounter in business can be overcome with a new approach. This approach to creativity training is basically a structured way of looking at the generation of valuable new ideas and solutions to old problems.

It’s not rocket science and the theory is not groundbreaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Long before we go in search of cutting-edge theories and iconoclastic activities, there are excellent creativity training methods being used right now.

The key is not just to know about them, but to actually do them – and for a period of TIME. Ideas won’t come immediately, but they will come. And when they do, they can be incredibly valuable to a business’s bottom line.

Anyone can be creative, for creativity is not something that a few people have, but merely habits and things that so-called “creative” people DO.

I know the truth of this because I really have seen it with my own eyes. My experience in the film industry – long before I became a professional poker player – led me to become the lead trainer on a number of corporate creativity training programmes. I saw people who didn’t feel they had a creative bone in their body leave the sessions feeling proud of what they had come up with.

Moreover, this highly energetic and playful creativity training is also great for any team which is planning an offsite day with a teambuilding element. Participants are encouraged to have fun as a core part of the process. It is by bringing back an element of play to the process that pretty much anyone can find their (sometimes long lost) creativity.

Suitable For: ANY team of people who are willing to leave their comfort zone and learn new skills. A great half- or full-day workshop as part of a day or offsite which is tasked with creating new solutions to problems. More than anything else, the innovation and creativity workshop is great fun, it is a team building experience in itself – albeit one which actually delivers a tangible increase in that team’s skills. Works in half or full day form.