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Decision Making Training

Why engage in decision making training? Decision making is such an inherent part of the business of living that we very rarely give it much consideration in and of itself. It is often surprising to some that that is there is a science of decision making at all! But there is; it can be taught; and the process of training in it can incredibly illuminating and profitable.

Decisions are basically actions that become habits, behaviours and, ultimately, cultures. Decision making training actually makes us answer the most basic of questions: “Are the decisions that we are taking the best decisions to get us to where we want to get to?” This may sound like a basic question but really it’s fundamental to our entire businesses and, in fact, our lives. It’s basically saying “Are we doing the right things to get what we want?”

At the heart of this question is the understanding that ALL decisions are actually investment decisions: not just investments of money but usually time, energy, status and reputation. As such we are all – whether we think of ourselves in this way or not – investors, always allocating our scarce resources into a series of opportunities that life presents.

With this in mind, we should probably understand the basics of investment theory if we want to get the edge in everything that we do. Ultimately, what we want in all areas of our personal and professional lives are GREAT RETURNS on the investments that we make and so decision making training is really about maximizing such returns or – in other words – maximizing efficiency and productivity and doing more with less.

I’m pretty passionate to be honest that decision making training is for everyone in every level of an organisation even if they don’t think of themselves as “decision makers”. Indeed, you might say that these people will benefit the most from thinking about it properly. What everyone wants is that this huge and sometimes challenging subject is made fun and accessible – which is where poker comes in.

Poker is the perfect medium for decision making training because a poker player is basically making a decision every ninety seconds or so: a decision that can’t be abdicated, delegated or procrastinated. Indeed the act of playing poker is basically that of mastering the science of decision making – a science which incorporates the maths of investment, the psychology of success and everything from behavioural economics to Buddhism.