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Speaker agents / events organisers

I work closely with speaker agents around the world and count my relationships with them as partnerships because together we deliver excellence to our corporate clients. Indeed you may well wish to contact me via a speaker agent as there are a number of advantages to doing so; mainly because as professionals in their field they can give you complete market knowledge of all the speakers who might be right for your event.

It benefits me if, after surveying all the speakers available, you believe that I am the right speaker for your event as no one in their right mind wants to stand on a stage addressing people who have no reason to be interested in what they have to say!

The other advantage to going through a speaker agent is that they are best place to deal with the unforeseen and emergencies. I have never in 8 years of speaking missed an event for any reason and have no intention of breaking that run, but there is always the effect of the uncontrollable in every aspect of our lives. Speaker agents have access to speakers who can step in at the last minute if, for whatever reason, I cannot be there.

When looking for a speaker agent you want someone who listens carefully to what you want and then has good knowledge of the market so that you get just the right person. Feel free to click on any of the underlined speaker agents in the list below who more than fit these criteria.

Maria Franzoni
London Speaker Bureau
Leading Authorities
Renegade Management
Goodfoot Training
Ilyas Jarrett
Speakers Corner
The Right Address
Richmond Events
Rio Events
INL Consultancy
We Make Waves
Harvey Thorneycroft
Assemblee Speakers
WEDO Marketing
Eventco Singapore
JLA Speakers
Gordon Poole Agency
Hunter Gatherer
London Business Forum