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Welcome to my website. I am a keynote and motivational speaker and trainer who uses the metaphor of poker to inspire my audiences to make better decisions in all areas of their lives.

As a professional poker player – and poker advisor on Casino Royale – managing risk formed a constant part of my life for many years. I pitted my wits against some of the best players in Las Vegas before becoming one of the faces of poker on television on Poker Night Live and Sky Poker in the UK.

Before all this, however, I studied economics at Cambridge University and built and sold my own company to a PLC. What I saw in the mechanics of poker was a relevance to business that was not fully understood or realised by most. So now I bring cutting edge scientific research together with powerful metaphors and my own personal experiences as a professional poker player to create motivational speeches and training sessions that are informative, original, funny and moving.

Over the last 10 years, I have delivered over 1,200 speeches and seminars to people working for the world’s best companies including Google, IBM, Esso, KPMG, Orange, ASDA Walmart and

Visa that have enriched their understanding of the way in which they manage risk and take decisions. Sometimes I am brought in to train their talented people in a series of workshops or seminars where the emphasis is on learning and development. Often, I work as a keynote or motivational speaker at conferences where I try and make complex subjects accessible, relevant and fun while still having huge implications for delegates’ productivity, efficiency and innovation.

Understanding how we make decisions and deal with risk can make us all better at what we do. The fundamentals of risk and decision making cut to the heart of the ways in which we allocate resources, plan our time, do more with less and maximise the returns from all of our investments in life. As a motivational speaker, I work with clients to ensure that they have the very best possible experience – something that is often topped off with a fantastic game of poker at the end of the day for those that want to play.

Please contact me and let’s have a conversation about how I can create something for you that is uniquely motivational, educational and beneficial to your people and your organisation’s bottom line.